Peace Market Prayers: Time for Hope

"I cannot wait to see this market construction complete. I have been selling clothes for about 4 years here. Every time when it rains, we have no place for shelter. During the dry season, the sun causes a serious problem. When it rains my goods are wet and nobody buys. My friend lost a basin of palm oil because of rain 3 months ago. She no longer comes here because that was the only money she had. I am very excited about this market. We have a place to shelter. Now I believe there’s time for suffering and time for Hope. We thank ABFEK and their supporters. We’ll be selling calmly [in peace]."

The words of just one of the many women whose lives will change because of the creation of the Mumosho Peace Market.

The women (and a few men) of the Mumosho Peace Market at the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony - Mumosho Peace Market, July 2011
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